All Winner 2022 Equipment (Road)

POC Elicit Clarity

With the Elicit Clarity, the Swedish clothing and safety brand POC have launched the lightest cycling glasses in the company’s history. At 23 g, they are a real flyweight and are so incredibly comfortable that you’ll forget you’re wearing them almost immediately. This is made possible by a special frameless design and temples that, with their large cut-outs and diagonal reinforcement, are reminiscent of the stable yet lightweight profile of truss bridges. The lens, developed in cooperation with Zeiss, offers very high contrast with minimal distortion and can be swapped within seconds. The field of vision is generous, allowing you to perceive objects or obstacles in your peripheral vision without any restriction. In addition, the glasses remain comfortable during hours of wear and continue to look good after your bike ride when you stop at the ice cream parlour. For performance-oriented cyclists, if you combine them with the lightest POC helmet (Ventral Lite), you’ll only be carrying around 200 g on your head! State of the art without any compromise in safety or looks. Award!

Price: TBC | Weight: 23 g