All Winner 2020 Equipment (Offroad)

POC Tectal Race SPIN NFC

The POC Tectal Race SPIN NFC is a stylish and colourful helmet that protects your head, but also stores your medical data on an integrated NFC chip – which could save your life in case of emergency. The innovative concept enables doctors and rescuers to call up your vital health information on site. Thanks to this clever feature, all your sensitive data is safely stored in your helmet and not uploaded into the cloud. The helmet is also equipped with RECCO positioning technology, which has already helped find injured outdoor athletes for many years. The special orange paint ensures good visibility and the workmanship is, in typical POC fashion, impeccable. The smart concept is rounded off by a low overall system weight, good ventilation, goggle strap holder, adjustable visor and a very fair price. The Tectal Race SPIN with its clever NFC safety feature only costs € 20 more than the normal version.

Weight: 363 g (size M/L) | Price: € 249.95