All Winner 2017 Equipment (Road)

Polartec Alpha insulation

A new development, this insulating Polartec knitted fabric acts much like the ever-popular down – it’s ultra-lightweight and super-compact. However, there’s a crucial difference that elevates the Polartec Alpha to the next level: it has an amazing ability to stay in place, meaning that it won’t bunch up or sink towards the bottom seams during washing. The Rapha Brevet vest – in this case simply the vessel for the fabric – employs the Polartec Alpha material superbly, transforming the vest into an essential protective layer that worked masterfully on the rapid autumnal descents off the Sella Ronda loop and down from the Passo di Furcia. With myriad usages, the Alpha fabric will surely be seen in a lot of apparel in the coming year. Polartec Alpha is available in different versions from 60 g to 120 g.

Weight: 128 g | Price: € 160 (Rapha Brevet Gilet)