All Winner 2020 Technology & App


Thanks to a clever system of temperature elements, the QOOL-Box keeps food and beverages at the desired temperature over a long period of time – a truly innovative system! A selection of different vacuum insulation panels allows for five different temperature zones, from -25 °C to + 25 °C. The cooling elements need to be kept in the freezer at -18 °C for 24-72 hours before being used. However, there’s no need to freeze the +18 and +25 °C zone-elements. The box is available in two versions, with a capacity of either 27 or 43 litres and maintains the specified temperature range for several days, making you totally independent from electricity zones. The square, high-quality “thermos flask” is based on space technology and manufactured entirely in Germany. The system was able to satisfy the daily ice cravings of our award team for nine days – and trust us, we opened it a lot!

Weight: 19.2 kg | Price: € 560 (box in L with 6 elements “Standard Frozen”)