All Winner 2021 Components (Road)

René Herse Cycles Fleecer Ridge TC 700C x 55

“Noise-cancelling” will be a familiar term to most of those who have bought headphones recently. But what has that got to do with bike tires? René Herse Cycles want to put the focus of bikepacking and gravel more on rider experience and experiencing nature, without the constant rumbling of what can otherwise be sometimes quite loud tires humming in your ears. The result is the Fleecer Ridge TC, which is noticeably quieter than comparable tires yet still offers great levels of grip. The René Herse tires generate masses of traction both off-road and on asphalt when cornering and always handle predictably. Whether in the damp or on loose surfaces, the jury wasn’t able to get the tire to break out unpredictably – the transition knobs between the centre tread and shoulder aid grip whatever the angle of the tire. Thanks to a good level of damping, the comfort is high, ensuring a less tiring ride. It was clear to the jury: the Fleecer Ridge TC earned its award with its innovative noise-cancelling construction and great handling – the concept works on every level and helps bring nature closer!

Price: € 71.00 (standard casing) | Weight: 601 g