All Winner 2023 Components (Road) Outdoor

Reserve 52|63

With the 52|63, Reserve have developed a set of aero wheels that usher in a new era of aerodynamic design and development. However, this approach isn’t limited to wheels, but can also be applied to bicycle design as a whole. The carbon aero wheels are the first to have been developed according to the turbulent aero theory, which aims to make wind tunnel testing more realistic. In this case, the simulations make use of realistic wind turbulence, based on real-world data. The 52|63 wheels boast high-quality workmanship and modern specs, like a generous internal rim width of 25 mm up front and 24 mm at the rear, a 52 mm front and 63 mm rear rim depth, and a total weight of 1,515 g. The asymmetrical profile of the rear rim makes for a stiff and durable wheel. Moreover, the wheels excel in a wide range of use cases, from racing to group rides, and they can even accommodate wide tires for gravel riding. For € 2,799 you get a wheelset built up around DT Swiss 180 hubs, though you can choose a different set of hubs in the online configurator.

Price: € 2,799
Weight: 1,515 g