All Winner 2017 Urban

Riese & Müller Packster Nuvinci

The Packster Nuvinci from Riese & Müller is an impressive statement that cargo bikes no longer need to be slow and lumbering, the freightliners of the cycling world if you will.
This classy e-cargo bike channels traditional design cues with the use of quality wood in an authentic manner, making it a real head-turner. It handles impressively, and the DualBattery option gives you plenty of juice to double the battery capacity on the Packster Nuvinci and undertake those long distance deliveries in secure knowledge that you’ve got the support. The Packster comes with various options for safety and protection against inclement weather conditions, with the choice for such things as a kids’ box with backrest for two children. The Packster also unlocks opportunities to leave the flat cities behind and head further afield – take inspiration from us, who piled it high with supplies for a mountainside BBQ in the Dolomites, a destination the Packster reached masterfully along sections of gravel and singletrack. Pioneering in many aspects, this e-cargo bike from Riese & Müller allows the rider to take their once cumbersome cargo bike much further afield.

Price: 4,699 €