All Winner 2022 Components (Offroad)

RockShox Flight Attendant

With the Flight Attendant suspension system, RockShox are turning mountain bike development on its head and transforming long-travel mountain bikes into efficient pedalling machines. The electronic system automatically detects the riding situation you’re in via several sensors, switching the fork and shock to the appropriate mode in a fraction of a second. As a result, brands have a simple means of making gravity-focused bikes a lot more versatile, allowing them to venture into pedally terrain without compromising the bike’s downhill capabilities. Thanks to the reliable wireless connection, there are no additional cables required, so beautiful bikes can stay beautiful. Setting the system up couldn’t be easier via the associated app, and once you’ve done it you can forget about it on the trail. Your suspension stiffens up the moment you hit a climb without you having to reach for the lockout lever, which also means you’ll never start a descent with your suspension accidentally still locked out. Thanks to the Flight Attendant, riders are no longer forced to choose between a long-travel bike or an efficient climber, getting the best of both worlds instead.

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