All Winner 2023 Components (Offroad)

Santa Cruz Glovebox

Santa Cruz’s Glovebox is the most successful rendition of a down tube storage compartment the award jury has seen so far. It allows you to store your trail essentials in the down tube of the bike, including snacks, tools and other small items, rendering a backpack unnecessary, even on long rides. The simple yet high-quality metal closure mechanism is intuitive to use, allowing you to access the contents quickly and easily even with gloves. The entire compartment is finished to a high standard and features a clean plastic edging all round with no sharp edges. As a result, you don’t have to worry about damaging your thin rain jacket when you pull it out of the compartment. Moreover, a partition wall at the bottom of the Glovebox prevents the contents from disappearing into the depths of the frame. The compartment comes standard with two purpose-made neoprene pouches called Tool Wallet and Tube Purse, which can be easily pulled out of the frame with a fabric strap. The flap closes tightly and doesn’t rattle on the trail.

Price: n/a
Weight: n/a