All Winner 2022 Equipment (Offroad)

Schöffel Hybrid Jkt Flow Trail

A rain jacket isn’t always the best choice in light rain since wind jackets dry faster and are more comfortable to wear. Unfortunately, they can’t offer the same weather protection as a full-fledged rain jacket. Schöffel have taken this problem on with the Hybrid Jkt Flow Trail, a jacket that combines the best of both worlds thanks to a clever mix of materials. The jacket consists of a windproof, breathable, water-repellent and quick-drying nylon fabric and hard-wearing Cordura fibres. The Hybrid Jkt has been reinforced in areas that are subject to frequent wear and tear, such as the shoulders where the straps of your backpack usually go. Nonetheless, the weight and pack size of the robust jacket has been kept to a minimum, which means that it can be stored in any hip bag or backpack. Thanks to the bike-specific design with pre-shaped elbows, extended back and a raised collar, the elastic material ensures an excellent fit and freedom of movement on the bike. All this makes the Schöffel Hybrid Jkt Flow Trail the perfect companion for rides in unstable weather!

Price: € 169.95 | Weight: 170 g (size L)