All Winner 2023 Components (Offroad)

Schrader AIRsistant

Whether you’re a newbie, advanced rider or pro, everyone can benefit from AIRsistant! Schrader’s digital tire pressure monitoring system allows inexperienced riders to work out the optimal tire pressure based on their weight, wheel size and tire width using the practical built-in pressure calculator in the AIRsistant app. Once you’ve found your values, you can save it in the app and receive a warning whenever the pressure deviates from the set value, making sure you always ride with the right tire pressure. This makes AIRsistant the perfect riding companion, whether you’re riding offroad, on the road or around town. AIRsistant isn’t just for beginners though – for experienced riders and pros who already know their tyre pressures, it means they don’t have to check the pressure every time they go for a ride.. Instead, they can just get the bike out of the basement, take a quick look at their smartphone and ride off! Installation is quick and straightforward and the system is compatible with all valves from Presta and Schrader.

Price: € 99.99 (pair)
Weight: 21 g