All Winner 2020 Components (Road)

Schwalbe Souplesse technology

With their new Souplesse technology, Schwalbe want to offer more comfort, better grip, and better puncture resistance and even make for easier tubeless setups. According to the German manufacturer, the tubeless tires of the Souplesse range feel a lot like tires with an inner tube. Whilst three layers in the sidewall ensure more protection against cuts, the two layers and puncture protection belt underneath the thread allow for more compliance, increasing comfort and improving puncture resistance. Racing tires with this technology are designed to offer a more consistent rolling behaviour and optimal efficiency, even at high speeds. The tires convinced our jury members with a good level of comfort, great puncture resistance and superb grip on a number of different surfaces. The tubeless version is easy to fit and the dimensions are within the stated values, even when inflated to their maximum pressure. Schwalbe’s newly developed Soupless technology for tubeless tires sets a new benchmark in the road bike sector. The jury was impressed both with the innovative concept and outstanding performance.