All Winner 2022 Equipment (Offroad) Gravel Bikes

SCOTT Addict Gravel Tuned

The SCOTT Addict is a gravel race machine that sets the tone for gravel bikes, particularly when it comes to integration. The bike shines with its high-quality finish and perfect integration at the cockpit. It is one of the most versatile bikes in SCOTT’s portfolio, has sensible mounting options for Garmin or Wahoo GPS computers and can also be equipped with a front light for the wet, cold season. The Addict always reminds you of its performance-oriented nature and offers a super stiff and efficient bottom bracket when you stomp on the pedals. This makes the bike perfect for active riders who like to sprinkle a few sprints into their ride. The efficiency beast also sets new standards in terms of aerodynamics for gravelling and is available in various builds – there should be something for everyone!

Price: € 8,699 | Weight: 8.12 kg (size 56)