All Winner 2023 Components (Offroad)

Selle Italia Model X & Model X Comfort

Selle Italia take local and sustainable production to the next level with the Model X Comfort Plus and Model X saddle. All parts of the saddle are supplied by companies that are at most 15 km away from Selle Italia’s Asolo headquarters in the North of Italy. That reduces the CO2 emissions of their supply chain and strengthens the local economy. The production process for the saddle doesn’t use solvents, and thanks to the in-house Greentech technology, it doesn’t require glue either. To prevent the used-up resources from being wasted at the end of the product life cycle, Selle Italia can completely recycle the saddle. This process is simplified by making the entire saddle from TPE plastic and fibre reinforced Polypropylene. Except for the rails, which are made from steel. When recycling an old saddle, the rails get removed, and the raw materials are fed back into the production of new Model X saddles, thereby coming full circle.

Price Model X: € 54.90
Weight Model X: 315 g
Price Model X Comfort Plus: € 64.90
Weight Model X Comfort Plus: 440 g