All Winner 2020 Mountain Bikes

Silverback CF1

The Silverback CF1 is a full-suspension XC rig for thoroughbred racers seeking maximum acceleration. The stiff rear end means minimal pedal kickback and ensures powerful acceleration from a stillstand. Whilst 100mm of travel and 29″ carbon wheels provide good rollover characteristics, the balanced geometry inspires confidence on sketchy downhills. On climbs, the Silverback is a two-wheeled rocket, which is no surprise considering its weight of 10.86 kg. The full carbon frame provides a high degree of vertical stiffness without feeling excessively harsh or uncomfortable. And the asymmetric rear-end is true eye-candy. No matter how varied or challenging the next XC track may be, the Silverback will handle it with gusto!

Weight: 10.86 kg (size M) | Price: € 4,599