All Winner 2023 E-Mountainbikes

SIMPLON Rapcon Pmax TQ

The SIMPLON Rapcon Pmax TQ merges the outstanding handling and elegant frame silhouette of one of the best enduro bikes currently available on the market with the support of the award-winning TQ motor. Downhill, it retains the light-footed, agile character of its analogue counterpart while uphill, it powers its way to the trailhead with its 50 Nm TQ drive. Despite the motor, the Rapcon Pmax TQ also looks a lot like its non-motorised sibling, making it hard to tell the two bikes apart. Only upon closer inspection do the motor cover and charging port reveal the electric nature of the bike. The Rapcon Pmax TQ is the first ever enduro bike with a TQ motor, thus playing a pioneering role in the eMTB segment. Moreover, SIMPLON’s online configurator allows you to customise the spec of your bike and build your dream Rapcon Pmax TQ.

Price: € 12,999
Weight: 19.5 kg in size XL