All Winner 2020 Equipment (Offroad)

SOURCE Summit 15L

The SOURCE Summit 15L is the ideal backpack for epic trail sessions and exciting all day rides. With its comfortable fit and padded, ventilated EVA netting, you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing it. Compression straps are integrated in the hip belt and press the backpack against the rider’s body while conveniently reducing the volume of the bag. The clever system was designed to keep the weight close to the rider’s body in all riding scenarios and contributes to an exceptionally comfortable fit. With a volume of 15 litres, there’s plenty of room for tools, spare clothing, food and drinking bottles. The internal layout is well thought-out and includes a removable tool bag, which makes for hassle free trailside repairs. In typical SOURCE style, the backpack comes with a 3 litre hydration bladder and a practical magnetic locking system that holds the insulated hydration hose in place. The outer, water-repellent material makes a rain cover redundant. The comfortable fit, high manufacturing quality and the ingenious details convinced the award jury.

Weight: 833 g | Price: € 139