All Winner 2021 Components (Road)

Specialized S-Works Power with Mirror

The Specialized S-Works Power saddle with Mirror is the jury recommendation for anyone who is still looking for their dream saddle. It was developed in collaboration with bike-fitting specialists Retül. With a special 3D-printing technique using a liquid polymer, a honeycomb structure is created that supports the seat bones more optimally compared to traditional foams, resulting in a pleasantly even distribution of pressure. The rider sits more in than on the saddle, leading to a hammock-like feeling similar to what you’ll find on a well-worn leather saddle, without the rider losing support. It’s the best of both worlds! In combination with good damping, the saddle provides a high level of long-distance comfort. Uphill, despite being mounted level, the saddle offers good purchase to be able to generate more force at low cadences. The saddle works just as well on a mountain bike as it does on a road bike meaning for many riders it might be the end of the taxing search for the perfect saddle!

Price: € 399.90 | Weight: 190 g