All Winner 2024 E-Mountainbikes

Specialized Turbo Tero X 6.0

With the Turbo Tero X 6.0, Specialized take a holistic, consistent approach to off-road SUV ebikes, setting a new benchmark in the segment. With over 40 years of experience as a leading mountain bike manufacturer on their shoulders, Specialized deliver an unparalleled blend of practical everyday features and riding performance, all topped off by a finely tuned in-house motor system and consistent spec. To provide an unmatched riding experience, the American manufacturer uses robust, high-quality MTB components in places where they really matter, proving that the holistic concept makes sense. As a result, the Tero X is as versatile as the situations it will find itself in, combining maximum riding safety, comfort and fun, both in town and beyond the city limits – on and off-road. The robust, functional everyday equipment, which includes a high beam light, alarm function and luggage racks front and rear, also make the Turbo Tero X 6.0 an excellent commuting companion. To round off the overall harmonious package, Specialized throw in a cool, sporty design, meaning the Tero X will fit in with eMTBs out on the trail – it’ll keep up with many of them, too.

Price: € 6,200
Weight: 26.5 kg