All Winner 2022 Components (Offroad)

SQlab 6OX Infinergy ERGOWAVE Active

The 6OX Infinergy ERGOWAVE active saddle is SQlab’s first 100% German-made saddle. It promises a comfortable ride and makes use of eco-friendly materials. The foam is made of the popular BASF Infinergy material which is very robust and brings the comfort to a completely new level, especially off-road due to the faster reset. Unlike traditional saddles, the cover is not stretched out over the entire surface of the saddle. There is only some “tape” on the most important contact points. These are automatically joined with the Infinergy foam without using any glue. Through the active saddle technology, the saddle follows the pedaling movement, increasing comfort, mobilizing the intervertebral discs and minimizing pressure on the sit bones. The saddle relies on the ergonomics expert’s proven ERGOWAVE shape, ensuring an even weight distribution on your sit bones and reducing the pressure on your perineum. With the free SQlab sitbone measurement set or a visit to your local retailer, determining your ideal width is easy and can be done without any special tools.

Price: € 199.95 | Weight: 266 g–292 g