All Winner 2019 Urban

SQlab 702

SQlab’s 702 trekking grip offers maximum contact surface for optimum wrist support and increased comfort – the ergonomics specialists have recognised that the grips are one of the few contact points on the bike that play a decisive role in comfort and safety. The 702 is available in three sizes, allowing you to choose a grip for your specific anatomy. When riding, it offers good vibration damping without feeling spongy or reducing precision. The generously sized contact surface at the end of the grip noticeably relieves the strain on your wrist. Combined with the anatomically shaped bulge on the underside of the grip for your fingers, you’ll be able to steer with very little strain on your hands. The SQlab 702 doesn’t only convince with its perfect ergonomic fit, but also with the lock-on ring for easy installation.

Weight: 298 g | Price: € 39.95