All Winner 2017 Components (Offroad)

SQlab Ergowave saddle

The latest drop from the ergonomic specialists at SQlab, the Ergowave saddle design was created as part of a research project with the FH Frankfurt and the Uniklinik Frankfurt. Drawing on the now familiar two-step saddle, the Ergowave raises the back of the saddle even higher to improve weight distribution, generate more comfort and induce more performance. There’s an adjustable comfort-enhancing ‘flexzone’ in the “active” models that allows the saddle to essentially follow your pedal strokes. It comes in four widths so choose appropriately. While there’s no immediate oh-so-soft sensation, the Ergowave feels like no other saddle and numbness becomes a thing of the past.

Weight: from 147 g | Price: from € 129.95