All Winner 2017 Components (Offroad)

SQlab Innerbarends 411

During the creation of the Innerbarends 411, it’s doubtful that SQlab were aspiring for a revival of those often-snubbed bar ends, now a relic of retro folklore. Instead, their design strays into new territory by mounting the Innerbarends on the inside of the grips towards the middle of the bars. Aesthetically it’s all a bit questionable, but it’s a clever design that results in a host of advantages: the new position alleviates the risk of getting caught by stray branches, is more aerodynamic, and gives you uninterrupted access to your brake levers. The Innerbarends 411 proved easy to mount and gave riders a comfortable and ergonomic position, reducing fatigue in our arms, shoulders, and backs.

Weight: 105 g | Price: € 39.95