All Winner 2024 Components (Offroad)

SRAM XX Eagle Transmission

SRAM’s XX Eagle Transmission drivetrain changes the way we shift gears on our mountain bikes! Finicky rear derailleur adjustments are a thing of the past, and shifting under load is no longer a problem. Furthermore, the rear derailleur mounts directly to the thru-axle, rendering old-school mech hangers useless thanks to the hangerless interface. Given the overall closer tolerances, the rear derailleur doesn’t require limit screws either – a true revolution in rear derailleur design! The cassette has significantly fewer shifting ramps, ensuring that the chain sits firmly on both the cog you’re shifting from and the one you’re shifting to, thus keeping a consistent load on the chain. This protects the components and significantly improves shifting performance, whether you’re riding XC, enduro or ebikes.

Price: € 2,450
Weight: 1,133 g in size M