All Winner 2017 Mountain Bikes

STEVENS Whaka Carbon Max

The STEVENS Whaka Carbon Max is an extremely versatile, well-specced, and (above all) fun trail bike. Fully carbon and weighing less than 2,000 g, the frame flaunts a ton of clever details. Despite its short chainstays, the bike can also be ridden with a double chainring up front (although, you know, we’d always go for a 1x setup). The top-end spec brings the Whaka Carbon Max to an impressive 12.25 kg on the scales, which teams with its efficient four-pivot rear end design to provide real force on the climbs. The same rear has a solid potency on descents, and there’s no trail too hard nor too twisty for this beast; however, at high speeds it gets a bit twitchy, so you have to keep your cool about you. In short, it’s a super-balanced trail bike with a hot-to-trot spec at a decent price. Isn’t that what we’ve all been looking for?

Weight: 12.25 kg | Price: € 5,999