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Supernova M99 DY PRO

If you are looking for a powerful headlight for your bike, you’ll inevitably end up considering the offerings from specialists Supernova. And so, it was only a matter of time before a dynamo headlight with a high beam was included in their portfolio. After our first ride through darkness, it quickly became clear to the jury: this is the brightest StVZO-approved dynamo light that the team has ever tested! Battery charging or unanticipated flat batteries are a thing of the past – the M99 DY PRO headlight is always ready to go! Your efforts pedalling are converted into a brilliant output from the light with a beam that covers a wide swathe in front of the bike. The cut-off beam stops you from dazzling oncoming traffic and the high-quality light also offers numerous mounting options. It’s not surprising that the Supernova M99 DY PRO won an award without any dissenting votes!

Price: € 325 | Weight: 121 g