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Supernova M99 MINI PRO

The Supernova M99 MINI PRO has heralded a new era of e-bike lights by becoming the first of its kind worldwide to be equipped with high and low beams that are compliant with the new German road regulations. This makes it the first light suitable for trail riding that can also be used for the legal road transfer back home. To achieve this feat of engineering, the 1,250 lumen bright that is installed in the bike permanently is stuffed with technology that is normally only found in automotive headlights. Instead of fragile moving mirrors, the design uses a matrix of LEDs that has no moving parts at all. The performance is, quite literally, dazzling on the trail, with both modes giving a convincing performance. For any on- and off-road ventures on an E-MTB, the M99 MINI PRO is the perfect companion. Compatible with all current popular motors.

Weight: 125 g | Price: € 299