All Winner 2023 Urban

Supernova TL3 PRO

The TL3 PRO is Supernova’s first ebike taillight with integrated brake and emergency brake light, thus improving safety in traffic. Alongside the brake light LED, the TL3 PRO employs 32 built-in, high-power LEDs, which are extremely bright and pulsate with abrupt decelerations, ensuring a strong warning effect even in particularly unfavourable visibility conditions. Moreover, a thin light guide spreads the beam, making it clearly visible from different angles. The highlight: the TL3 PRO can be installed on any ebike with an existing rear light cable, regardless of which brakes it comes equipped with. A highly sensitive 3-axis sensor measures speed changes and triggers the light in real time. The anodised alloy housing with all-round light strip impresses not only through excellent workmanship, but also because of its minimalist design language, which is inspired by the futuristic design of modern car lights. Why shouldn’t your city bike match your SUV? In terms of safety, design and functionality, the Supernova TL3 PRO rear light is totally on par with the premium segment of the automotive industry.

Price: € 79
Weight: 70 g