All Winner 2021 Components (Road)


The Tatze MC-FLY pedals convince with easy entry and great adjustability. If you want a tight connection between pedal and shoe, you have come to the right place. The wide platform offers a large area that provides good support during hard sprints, just like you’re used to from a road pedal. With a recessed section in the middle of the pedal, the whole shoe rather than just the cleat sits on the pedal, avoiding the otherwise all too prevalent wobbly connection. Compatibility has also been improved and the jury didn’t have problems with any shoes. A genius feature of the MC-FLY pedals is the four optional pins that can be screwed into the pedal body. Depending on how far they protrude, the pressure between shoe and pedal can be accurately adjusted. With a low weight of just 304 g for the titanium axle version, the MC-FLY pedals, which were initially designed for enduro bikes, are light enough for XC and gravel use, yet offer a secure enough fit and clipless mechanism for demanding mountain bike use. That makes the Tatze MC-FLY pedals the perfect all-rounders for all SPD shoes!

Price: € 229 (titanium axle), 149 € (CrMo axle)
Weight: 304 g (titanium), 354 g (CrMo)