All Winner 2020 Technology & App

The North Face FUTURELIGHT Technology

Waterproof, breathable and stretchable at the same time – for the first time a clothing brand manages to successfully squeeze all three properties into one material: please welcome The North Face FUTURELIGHT technology – the beginning of a new generation of outdoor clothing. The revolutionary material is produced with a nanospinning process, which can be customized and adapted to the production of different textiles. This technology creates nanoscale pores in the material ensuring vapour and air permeability and making the material extremely breathable. At the same time, the openings are so small, that no water can get through from the outside. This stretchy and sturdy material provides an excellent fit and is therefore the ideal fabric for a wide selection of clothing and equipment. The innovative FUTURELIGHT fully convinced our jury on long, sweaty hikes in the pouring rain. We are looking forward to future products!