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Trek Project One

There’s no doubt that getting a bike in your favourite colour or with your favourite components is awesome, but Trek take customisation to a whole new level with their Project One Custom program. The Trek team offers exceptionally crafted, exclusive custom paint jobs on their bikes unlike any other in the bike industry. Brilliant colours and hand-painted designs are just as much a part of the program as noble materials that are worked into the paint. It doesn’t stop there, with no limits imposed on the imagination when it comes to the spec. In the Project One Ultimate program, Trek pull out all the stops to make the custom bike experience a reality for their loyal fans. Through one-on-one meetings with product experts and designers at Trek’s headquarters in Waterloo, Wisconsin, you have the chance to create a one-of-a-kind bike to tell your own story. Afterwards, you can take delivery of your dream bike on site. Gold leaf on an ultralight road bike? Sure, no problem!

Price: varies, € 1,800 (example pricing for the Sweet Gold Leaf paint) | Weight: N/A