All Winner 2020 Components (Offroad)

Trust Performance Shout

The Shout is Trust Performance’s latest full carbon multi-link suspension fork. While the unique design seems to be splitting the mountain bike community, our jury was impressed with the great response, good support and awesome progression the fork offers on the trail. The unique concept relies on a suspension path which, like MTB rear suspension systems, allows the front wheel to deflect backwards whenever it hits an obstacle. Alongside rebound and compression damping, the Shout has three riding modes. In addition to the sag point lockout, the compression stage of the open and medium modes can be individually tuned. The efficient SAG indicator and the easy-to-understand set-up guide allow you to optimise the base setting in no time. The stiff fork feels stable under braking, generates tons of traction and builds up speed when pumping through corners while taking on nasty root carpets and rock gardens with aplomb.

Weight: 2,179 g | Price: € 2,399