All Winner 2020 Equipment (Offroad)


The Action Camera Harness is a well-integrated and very comfortable action camera holder compatible with almost every USWE backpack. It’s aimed at both hobby and professional filmmakers and eliminates the need to wear an uncomfortable chest mount under the backpack. Velcro fasteners on the shoulder and hip straps allow the harness to be attached and detached quickly and ensure a comfortable and firm fit. Once the filming session is over, the holder can quickly be removed and stored in the backpack. It’s compatible with all GoPro models and retails at a similar price as GoPro’s Chesty strap. The USWE ACTION CAMERA HARNESS convinced our jury with its good fit, superb integration and high level of comfort while filming in the Chest Mount perspective with a USWE backpack.

Weight: 148 g | Price: € 49