All Winner 2023 Equipment (Offroad)

uvex revolt MIPS

Are you looking for the high safety standards of a full-face helmet for fast descents but don’t want to renounce the perks of a half-shell helmet, i.e. good ventilation when climbing? Uvex’s convertible revolt MIPS combines the best of both worlds! For their new helmet, uvex developed a new removable chin guard system, which allows you to convert the helmet from full- to open-face within seconds. The intuitive locking system allows you to remove the chin guard with one hand while riding – excellent! This makes the uvex revolt MIPS one of the most intuitive convertible helmets currently available on the market and takes an existing concept to a whole new level, allowing for better, faster and more intuitive use. You only need two hands when attaching the chin guard, and with a bit of practice this becomes a smooth, easy procedure. The uvex revolt MIPS has a sleek and elegant look, both with and without the chin guard. For added peace of mind, uvex rely on the established MIPS system, which is proven to reduce rotational forces during impact.

Price: € 329.95
Weight: 680 g