All Winner 2023 Equipment (Offroad)


UYN have rethought the stiff clipless shoes made for competitive mountain bike and gravel riding, coming up with the NAKED MTB. In doing so, the Italian brand have said goodbye to the classic rigid upper, as you’ll be familiar with from other manufacturers, relying on a flexible, sock-like construction instead. It provides a high level of comfort, paired – thanks to the carbon reinforced sole – with stiffness and efficiency. The mesh upper is soft and breathable, though it offers enough warmth for winter riding. While it isn’t waterproof, the material is water repellent, preventing moisture ingress from spray and rain. The aggressively studded sole and two spikes in the toe area provide grip when walking in slippery terrain. That can make all the difference in a gravel or cyclocross race when you’ve got to push or carry the bike. UYN’s in-house ratchet mechanism allows you to tighten and release the laces in a hurry and it offers a secure fit.

Price: € 279
Weight: 663 g (for the pair, size 42)