All Winner 2022 Components (Road)

Vecnum freeQENCE

With the freeQENCE, Vecnum deliver a true gem of German engineering. The build quality of the CNC-machined stem is on another level and those who appreciate industrial design will love the freeQENCE! In practice, the suspension stem convinced the jury with its smooth travel and practically imperceptible end stops that combine to create plenty of comfort. Thanks to the soft and damped stops, the travel feels almost infinite despite only offering 30 mm. The clever parallelogram design ensures that the handlebar maintains the same angle throughout the travel, which is a huge advantage compared to the competition. After dialling in the setup, no bobbing can be felt and confidence on the trail is noticeably increased. Practical: the freeQENCE can be adjusted on the trail with a mini-tool. While a gravel suspension fork can offer the same benefits at the front of a bike, the Vecnum stem weighs less and is more streamlined. Overall, the freeQENCE could significantly increase the comfort level of many bikes and expand their use. As we said: a true gem of German engineering.

Price: € 299.00 | Weight: 287 g (90 mm)