All Winner 2023 Equipment (Road)

Velocio apparel Alpha Long Sleeve, Concept Merino Long Sleeve und Signature Softshell

The Concept Merino Long Sleeve, Alpha Long Sleeve and Signature Softshell jacket work together like an ecosystem, covering a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. Inspired by the world of skiing and outdoor activity, Velocio rely on the tried and trusted layering principle. The Concept Merino Long Sleeve and Alpha Long Sleeve form the base and middle layers respectively, whereby both can be used as jerseys on their own. The Alpha Long Sleeve is equipped with a Polartec lining, creating tiny pockets of air between you and the outer shell and thereby providing additional insulation. This quick-drying and breathable material is used in key sections like the sleeves, chest and collar. The sides, back and bottoms of the sleeves consist of soft merino fleece, further generating warmth. For optimal protection from the elements, you can add the Signature Softshell jacket, which is breathable yet waterproof thanks to three layers of softshell material. The pre-shaped sleeves, shoulders, and curved back panels provide the perfect fit, as you’ll typically only find on motorbike jackets. Finishing it off are the practical pockets on the back of the jersey.

Price: € 199 (Concept Merino Long Sleeve), € 178 (Alpha Long Sleeve), € 279 (Signature Softshell)
Weight: 192 g (Concept Merino Long Sleeve in L), 210 g (Alpha Long Sleeve in L), 362 g (Signature Softshell in L)