All Winner 2022 Components (Road)

Wahoo Speedplay Powrlink ZERO Pedal

If you already ride Wahoo pedals you’ll be pleased that the Speedplay Powrlink ZERO power meter pedal uses exactly the same clipless mechanism. With an identical Q-factor, there’s no need to get used to anything new and, just like the non-power meter model, you can clip in on both sides – no other mainstream road pedal in the world offers this. Setting up the pedals is simple as can be. After unpacking and charging them, the Speedplay Powrlink ZERO pedals are threaded into your cranks. They can be paired with all common bike computers and then, you’re ready to go. Lost connections? No way! Complex calibration is also foreign to the Wahoo pedals and they won us over with their strikingly inconspicuous design. The accuracy is sufficient for all ambitious users, making this the perfect power meter pedal if you have several bikes or want to rent a bike on your training holiday. The Speedplay Powrlink ZERO pedals sensibly expand the Wahoo cosmos and complete the Speedplay ecosystem. These high-quality pedals have more than earned their award!

Price: Single € 649.99, Dual € 999.99 | Weight: 276 g double (claimed weight), 250g single (claimed weight)