Mountain Bikes

Whyte S150 C RS

The gnarlier and trickier the trail, the more the Whyte S150 C RS shines brightly amongst the rest of the trail bikes out there. The UK brand has excelled in engineering certain key traits into this bike: we’re talking about ultimate confidence and mountain goat agility. It all stems back to the unique shorter fork offset (42 mm instead of the more conventional 51 mm): the increased trail figure stabilizes the steering and results in a bike that charges through rough terrain and rails turns – however technical – with ease. Combined with a fairly progressive rear end that gives a lot of ground feedback and offers the perception of having limitless reserves – hallelujah! With its long and slack geometry, the Whyte is a mean contender on everything from flow trails to bike park days. There’s comfort and traction on the climbs, but the S150 C RS isn’t likely get you any Strava KOMs. Point it downhill, however, and you can rake them in – this bike is a weapon of choice!

Weight: 13.99 kg | Price: € 4,600