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Mountain Bikes

Whyte S150 C RS

The gnarlier and trickier the trail, the more the Whyte S150 C RS shines brightly amongst the rest of the trail bikes out there. The UK brand has excelled in engineering certain key traits into this bike: we’re talking about ultimate confidence and mountain goat agility. It all stems back to the unique shorter fork offset (42 mm instead of the more conventional 51 mm): the increased trail figure stabilizes the steering and results in a bike that charges through rough terrain and rails turns – however technical – with ease. Combined with a fairly progressive rear end that gives a lot of ground feedback and offers the perception of having limitless reserves – hallelujah! With its long and slack geometry, the Whyte is a mean contender on everything from flow trails to bike park days. There’s comfort and traction on the climbs, but the S150 C RS isn’t likely get you any Strava KOMs. Point it downhill, however, and you can rake them in – this bike is a weapon of choice!

Weight: 13.99 kg | Price: € 4,600

About the Award

The Design & Innovation Award is both a seal of approval and the benchmark achievement for the bike industry’s highest-performing products. The Design & Innovation Award is more than just a title-giver or a round of applause for brands. It’s the definitive award that decisively tests products in the real world, assessing them in their entirety and reaching considered verdicts. This year once again saw select international journalists, professional test riders, and industry experts invest more than 6,000 hours of their time to partake in the DI.A process.