All Winner 2020 Urban

YORKS s1-elite

The s1-elite from YORKS is a high-quality, “Made in Germany” eScooter that features a strong motor, superb handling and clever solutions. Thanks to a sophisticated mechanism, the scooter folds up in no time and can be rolled like a trolley on public transport – a true dream for commuters. The powerful geared motor has three modes and draws its power from an integrated 475 Wh battery and churns out enough power for fun rides, even uphill. The front brake is activated by a conventional lever on the bars, the rear brake by a foot lever that sits directly above the rear-wheel. Both brakes bite on a 140 mm disc rotor. This layout allows you to stand in a sporty position and still have full control over the brakes. Do you tend to lose your chargers? No, worries, the charger of the YORKS s1-elite is integrated in the scooter and is therefore always at hand. This well thought-out concept convinces with clever features and sporty handling for everyday commuting as well as on fun trips.

Weight: 18.3 kg (Prototype) | Price: from € 1,600