All Winner 2023 Equipment (Offroad)

Zéfal Bike Taxi

The Zéfal Bike Taxi is your little helper for relaxed family bike rides. Zéfal’s discrete bike towing rope is easy to use and can be attached directly to the saddle rails of the towing bike. When approaching a climb, you can roll out the tear-resistant Dyneema rope and attach it to the stem of the bike you want to tow using the practical loop. Long climbs will no longer be a deal breaker for your kids and the traction system is designed for a tensile load of up to 90 kg. Once at the top, the Zéfal Bike Taxi can be easily unhooked from the stem while an automatic retraction mechanism rewinds the rope in its entirety. Since the rewind system also keeps the two-metre rope under constant tension, it doesn’t slack off, even when riding on level ground. As a result, the Zéfal Bike Taxi is extremely easy and safe to use. Thumbs up to Zéfal for coming up with such a well-thought-out solution.

Price: € 49.95
Weight: 140 g