All Winner 2020 Mountain Bikes

Zerode Katipo

The sound of silence… you’ll struggle to find an enduro bike as quiet as the 29″ Zerode Katipo with its Pinion gearbox and GATES belt drive! With 12 gears and a 600 % gear range, the Pinion C1.12 gearbox is neatly integrated into the frame, providing a very clean look and enabling shifting while at a standstill. The system is low-maintenance and the belt-drive is incredibly durable, replacing a conventional chain. In addition, this concept significantly reduces the unsprung mass of the rear-end, which in turn has a positive effect on the overall performance of the suspension. Once you get used to shifting gears without putting load on the drivetrain, you’ll enjoy a whole new way of ripping the trails – in complete silence! When you point its nose down the hill, the Zerode Katipo comes to life on all trails and shines with its balanced suspension platform and precise steering. The design language is harmonious, the workmanship top notch. No rattling from the chain or cables, no clunking from the drivetrain – it’s just you, your Zerode Katipo and the noise of your tires carving through the fresh forest loam. The award crew was delighted!

Weight: 15.72 Kg (size L) | Price: from € 5,850